#1: Think about using your Tupperware for take-out

My mother has a drawer in the kitchen that is regularly overflowing with re-usable containers of all shapes and sizes. Everything from sandwich containers, Tupperware, salad containers, tiny containers that can fit nothing more than a few tablespoons of ketchup, and of course many re-used yoghourt and margarine containers. I typically refer to all of these containers as Tupperware. Unfortunately the lids always seem to get lost, broken, bent or squished in the back corner of the chaos. No amount of organizing seems to help the situation. Sometimes I have felt like giving up on the cupboard, especially in the morning when I am in a hurry to get to work and can be easily frustrated by mismatched lids. Nevertheless, I continue to frequent the drawer and now try to do so especially when going out to eat with friends, because I realized another socially responsible use for them.

I first got the idea of carrying along Tupperware in my purse when I was out to brunch with some of my fiance’s friends. After indulging in a glorious meal of pancakes, juicy thick French toast, fruits and coffee, I sat at the table, exhausted, just looking at that 3rd pancake I couldn’t get through. In fact, we all sat there, tired and full, staring at the remains left on our plate. Before we could call the waiter over for some take-away containers, one of the girls at the table pulled out her Tupperware from her slouch bag, and neatly packed up her last piece of French toast. She said she carries it around with her when she goes out to eat because 9 times out of ten, she has leftovers.

I am still working on being as diligent as this acquaintance of mine, in remembering to dip into that messy Tupperware drawer before I leave the house to go out to eat, but hopefully in time this will become a regular routine of mine and will help decrease the amount of disposable Styrofoam and plastic I consume, and subsequently, the amount that restaurants need to consume. Hopefully somewhere along the line, an animal is smiling because of this.

A note to restaurant owners: how about charging a small fee (i.e., $0.05) for take-out containers and encouraging people to bring their own re-usable Tupperware for takeout…both the restaurant and most importantly, the environment, will profit.


8 thoughts on “#1: Think about using your Tupperware for take-out

  1. I stumbled upon your blog while surfing the internet today. I have never been so hooked to a blog before this. Your ideas are simply amazing and i loved some of them even more for the simple fact that i have had the same views on those issues for quite a while now, engagement ring and tupperware to be more specific. I hope you keep helping the world and sharing your ideas.

    1. Hi Puja,
      Thank-you for your kind comment. I’m happy that you are enjoying my blog and have found some of the entries useful. I have a long list of things to write about and will keep posting whenever I can! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  2. I read a commentary in the Globe yesterday which touched on a similar subject. According to a poll that was conducted last week, 7 out of 10 people have or use reusable containers. Based on this stat, we are making real progress. However, the article went on to say – when was the last time you were in a coffee shop and saw 7 out of 10 people carrying their reusable mugs?? Ahh, NEVER.

    The message was, we have the tools at our disposal and REAL CHANGE will only come about when these tools are made use of.

  3. Akila, I came here from your post on our CFNY “coffee shop” and this is a great idea! It’s always good to get us thinking about the little things that contribute to the big things 🙂


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