#6: Hang your clothes on a line

Summer weather is here! Ah, those sunny mornings, warm evenings, longer days and breezy nights. There is nothing like stepping outside, seeing people out and about, and smelling that summer air filled with hints of lilac, freshly mowed lawn and the neighbours’ barbecue.

Every summer my friend’s mother would put up a clothes line. There was something about the clothes flapping in the wind and the kids playing hide and seek between the bed sheets that would add to that great summer feeling. 🙂 Whether you’re embracing the spirit of summer or looking to reduce your energy bill, hanging your clothes to dry is a simple way to help the environment and take advantage of the wonderfully warm weather now upon us!


5 thoughts on “#6: Hang your clothes on a line

  1. Laying out your clothes on the lawn is also a fun thing to do in the summer…kids love it! (Click the second picture to get a good view of clothes laying out to dry in Munnar, India).

  2. And the line hung laundry smells great–take a deep wiff of it next time you use your clothes line.


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