#7: Take action by ‘making noise’

I love hearing stories about people helping others. Whether they are daily anecdotes of kindness or more detailed accounts of altruistic experiences, they all motivate, inspire, and put a smile on my face. I recently had the privilege of hearing an incredibly inspiring story of a school’s journey towards helping the world.

I was at a fundraiser for War Child Canada where the guest speaker, Barry Smith, a vice principal from an Ontario high school, spoke passionately about his experience in engaging students in active fund raising through an event called ‘Keep the Beat’. This event not only inspired hundreds of students to ‘make noise’ and take action, but successfully raised enough money to rebuild two schools with War Child Canada in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Barry’s energy, conviction, enthusiasm towards education and his belief in the ability to make a tangible difference resonated with many others and me. His story highlighted the importance of getting young leaders actively involved in creating change, and that tangible change can happen through cooperative communities and big dreams. Here is his story.

Thank you for helping the world!


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