#8: Use a recyclable pen

I admit it. I am one of those people who enjoys collecting ‘take-home’ hotel items–you know, the wonderfully cute bottles of shampoo and conditioner, the uniquely scented lotion, the fresh pad of writing paper and the pen inscribed with the hotel name on it. It’s one of those things that makes me happy while traveling. With every hotel visit comes a new surprise of what kind of items will be decoratively placed in the bathroom and what style of medium-point pen will await me on the night stand. Before checking out of the hotel I actually almost always forget to take these items home with me, but nevertheless remember to quickly throw them into my purse while I run through (literally) my last-minute room check. It’s all part of my hotel-staying experience. 🙂

I recently came across a new, never-seen before (by me) type of pen at the Les Suites hotel in Ottawa.  It was an eco-friendly, recyclable pen made almost entirely of cardboard. The tube surrounding the ink reservoir was made of durable cardboard and the clip was made of wood. I’ve seen similar concepts at art stores (i.e., pencil crayons made from recycled newsprint) but was not expecting a pen like this at a hotel.  However,  it made perfect sense given the number of pens that likely have to be replaced in hotels on a daily basis and the amount of plastic that would otherwise be consumed.

On a side note, not only was this pen environmentally friendlier than your typical pen, it also wrote particularly well–at least that’s what my dad exclaimed before clipping it onto his shirt pocket! Sure, that piece of wood sticking out from my dad’s pocket looked rather odd, but it became a conversation–and a conservation–piece during the trip.

What a great way to help the environment, reduce costs and keep customers happy.

Thank you for helping the world!


One thought on “#8: Use a recyclable pen

  1. Just playing devils advocate – by taking the pen, doesn’t that require the hotel to replace it, therefore, making more?

    I don’t think I’m in the minority in saying that we have enough pens kicking around to fill 10 pen holders.

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