#12: Have small snacks on hand to give to the homeless

The other day my friend was telling me that she keeps granola bars in her car to hand-out to the homeless. She explained that she buys a large economy size box that she keeps on hand in order to have something available to give to those in need, when she passes them on the street or when they approach her. She also mentioned that they are usually very appreciative of her offering. What a thoughtful idea. Thanks for helping the world! 🙂


2 thoughts on “#12: Have small snacks on hand to give to the homeless

    1. Hi Daniel! Thanks for reading and for your comment! I saw your blog too…great job! I can definitely relate to your ‘about’ section and admire the journey you are on and your contributions thus far! Great to meet a fellow Torontonian.
      Cheers and happy holidays!

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