#18: Have a book-exchange party!

Today I will be attending my friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday party. Lots of excited kids, games, food and cake are to be expected (yes, cake is food but merits its own category in my books). I love kids, games and food so I am definitely looking forward to the party–especially the opportunity to wear a small cone-shaped birthday hat with the tight elastic- band underneath my chin. ūüėČ

What makes this year’s birthday party unique, is that instead of the typical gift-giving, they will be having a book-exchange party whereby the guests bring a gently used book in exchange for another. This way everyone gets a useful gift to take home and learns something about reducing consumption and giving to others. This is a great idea that can be implemented not only for kids’ parties but for adult gatherings as well! Thanks for helping the world!


4 thoughts on “#18: Have a book-exchange party!

  1. Hey lady!

    I was reading the last couple of entries – particularly the one where you talk about planning a wedding, and realizing how much stuff we as a society accumulate – and I have a question that I’m hoping you have a suggestion for …

    So I have a pile of clothes, mostly pants, with holes in them. Not only do a number of these pants no longer fit me, the holes are too big for me to bother to fix them. (Plus, I’m not really much of a seamstress.)

    I could throw them out. But I feel as if I’m just making yet another contribution to a landfill somewhere. Would you happen to know of any people or organizations/companies that would take in old holey clothes for the purpose of:

    (a) crafts involving fabrics OR
    (b) repurposing the fabric to make new articles of clothing, handbags, etc.?

    If you’ve got any leads, I’d gladly take them!

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