#47: Believe in the power of one

CC licensed image by Flickr user Jason Lander

The world is a big place. At about 7 billion people with a magnitude of diversity that surpasses what the mind can realize, the work of ‘making a difference’, can understandably feel daunting at times. Making the world a better place does not only have to involve large scale change, all at once, by a select few people (although this is what is often showcased in the media and catches people’s attention). Small, everyday actions are extremely valuable, as they lay the foundation for creating more caring and socially and environmentally responsible communities. Every individual on this planet makes some difference each and every day with every decision, action and interaction. These differences are positive or negative, depending on what types of choices people make. Being accurately informed is a necessary first step towards acting more socially and environmentally responsible (which points to the importance of literacy as well).

Cumulatively, as each person acts in well-informed, socially and environmentally responsible ways (or even just demonstrates everyday kindness and good character!) individual actions can go from making small dents, to larger craters and change can become more visible. If everyone pitches in a little, a lot can happen. Similarly, if no one pitches in or acts to make a difference, nothing will get done. Obscure or overt, believe that every little bit does help. It is this mindset that motivates small but necessary steps to be taken towards progress. These deeds are indeed felt in different nooks, crannies and corners of the world, in different communities and affect different people, places and things in different ways. They do make a difference!

Change can happen from everyday heroes. One person can have a positive influence on others through their everyday actions, and this influence can embed itself into the way others think, act and feel. This is powerful. Friends, siblings, parents and members of your community can all make a difference in the lives of others by acting as positive role models.

Believe in the power that one person can have on making our world a better place.  Every (well-informed) action you take to making a positive contribution on this earth, does just that–it makes a positive difference! Once acted upon, your positive actions have instantly made a mark: they have improved yourself, your community and your planet. Whether it be turning out the lights every time you leave a room, taking shorter showers, eating less meat, using the stairs instead of the elevator, smiling more, reusing more, consuming less, giving someone a hug, welcoming people into your home, helping your parents set the table, being an attentive listener, researching/experimenting to understand the world better, educating others, holding the door for someone, buying local, eating healthier, coming up with a cure for cancer or travelling to the moon (and the list goes on and on!), your good actions make the world a better place. You are one person…and you are mighty!

Be the change you wish to see in the world–Gandhi


2 thoughts on “#47: Believe in the power of one

  1. The idea of “one person can really make a difference” is something I have felt strongly about the past few years of my life. I agree with the post completely! The only way to change the world is to first change our own attitudes and actions. People watch others and also imitate them. I have noticed in my attempt to face the world with a positive and compassionate outlook, that I have also recieved a more positive attitude from strangers as well as friends.

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