#49: Make a party box

CC licensed Flickr image Special Collections, Waterloo Library
CC licensed Flickr image from Special Collections, Waterloo Library

One of my favourite social activities is hosting parties and get togethers. I love the feeling of bringing friends and family together in a welcoming and personal atmosphere, and it makes me happy to treat them to an afternoon or evening of laughter, food, pleasantries, games and fun. This sense of community is certainly a joy in life and when I can enjoy these activities in a sustainable way, it makes it all the better.

In an effort to reduce my water consumption and learn more about my water footprint, I stumbled up this post about the ‘party box’ idea.  A party box is a big, all encompassing box of non-disposable party supplies (cups, plates, cutlery, etc..) that can be shared amongst neighbours and friends when hosting group get-togethers. It not only helps reduce your water footprint, but sends a message of community and sustainability. Perfect for kids’ parties, but possible as well for adult gatherings. (If you try it out, let me know how it goes!)  

I am perpetually dismayed and dumbfounded by the amount of water it takes to produce so many of the everyday items we consume–paper, plastic, meat, clothing etc… and feel it imperative to take small (or large) but regular steps to reduce our consumption of such products and preserve our most precious resource. Although it might take a little bit of extra effort, every little step in being environmentally friendly helps, and when it’s shared amongst people, sustainability becomes a trend.


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