#64: Put on your perspectacles

CC licensed image by Flickr user Christiaan Triebert
CC licensed image by Flickr user Christiaan Triebert

I’ve woven the topic of gratitude throughout this blog; the appreciation and even disbelief I often have that I am safe, happy, well-nourished and free to pursue my aspirations and goals, in my great country of Canada, while many others have very little of that. However, I too occasionally get caught up in stress-ridden traps of narrow-mindedness and neuroticism over relatively minor things, which at the time seem insurmountable. One way for me to overcome this is by putting on my ‘perspectacles’–a term that is so congruous with working towards equity and gratitude, and a term that I came upon in this well-expressed article by Glennon Doyle Melton. If you are like me and have a financially, socially, emotionally, politically and physically stable life, you are living the lottery by global standards. Putting on your perspectacles and letting go of the need (and STRESS) of having ‘more’ (whatever form that may take) can get you closer to being freer and happier, by allowing you to focus on the wonderful experiences and moments you do have with friends and family. Furthermore, it can make way for more giving in your life. I couldn’t have said it better than Glennon did in her article. 


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