#88: Unearth your biases to equity

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image from renegadehealth.com 

Yesterday I introduced 3 fundamental cognitive biases to equitable living through a workshop/talk I conducted with teachers from the Toronto District School Board. One of my key messages was that equity is not something that can be tackled in isolation only through particular classroom lessons or school events. Equity is a way of living and the ongoing creation of a critical and compassionate culture both in our personal and professional lives. By first understanding where some of our biases and cognitive inconsistencies come from, we can then start to change our behaviours that come through in small yet powerful ways, every day. Once our actions and presence in the world take shape using such a critical lens of our biases, our ability to implement equitable pedagogy and create culturally responsive classrooms will expand. I am always grateful for the opportunity to share my journey and knowledge with others and grow from the experience of presenting to dedicated educators. Here’s a link to my presentations slides. TDSB Equity Workshop June 14 2017 by Akila Venkatesh


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