It’s been years…but I’m back with a new site!

Hi friends…

It’s been years since I’ve posted on here but I’ve been doing lots of growing behind the scenes. I had two children, went through some health issues and losses, and started a PhD in Social Justice Education…all while continuing to revere in this wild ride of life.  My passion for creating a better world continues and I’m excited to launch a new site called In Good Hands. It’s dedicated to providing parents, educators, leaders, mentors with the tools they need to empower young people and guide them as conscious global citizens, all with the vision of creating a better more equitable world for the next generation.  Here’s my first article on the site!!! I won’t be continuing this site here, so please check me out over there, share and subscribe on that end. Your support with this site has been tremendously appreciated…it was my first blog and I stuck with it for almost 10 years! My new site is more tailored to my skills now. It’s a passion project right now but I hope to grow it into a business that can give back as much as possible.

With gratitude,



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