#43: Be brave, bold, beautiful and bald

Here I thought I’d feel vulnerable, hiding under hats for weeks, but that’s not the case at all. I love rocking the bald look and feel more confident than ever. Maybe it’s because of the reason I did it or maybe it’s because hair is just hair. It doesn’t define me. I love the smile on my friends faces when they see my new bald look for the first time. I love that everyone applauded my new ‘do’ at each fitness class I’ve taught. It is the greatest feeling in the world when people say that I have inspired them and that I’ve made a difference. All the support I have is overwhelmingly amazing to say the least. Bald is Beautiful xo

Hair is just hair…really. Amidst the time and effort people put into their everyday dealings with styling woes, blowdrying breakthroughs, stubborn bangs, gel mishaps, frustrating frizz or getting that perfect lookit’s a good idea to take a step back once in a while and reconnect with some perspective.

My bootcamp trainer Jessica, got it. She, along with 3 other friends shaved off every last bit of their hair in support of their friend’s 2 year-old daughter Keaton, in her fight against Leukemia. Together, Jessica and her friends raised over $10,000 for Keaton’s foundation, Kisses for Keaton, which raises funds in her name for childhood cancers and The Hospital for Sick Children. 

In visiting Keaton’s Facebook page, I was humbly brought back to a place of gratitude and perspective. I am thankful for my well-being and certainly, this vanity-obssessed society has a much looser grip on me now. Keaton and her family’s bravery in dealing with one of life’s biggest mental, emotional and physical challenges has inspired others like Jessica, to make a bold, bald and truly beautiful statement in support of health, love and inner peace–what really matters. My heart goes out to Keaton and her family and all those facing similar situations. 


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